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Please also consider scheduling regular donations via the Paypal link above.
Regularly scheduled donations help us better plan our expenses for programs
like the Game Library, New Orleans, and the 28k Project.


Sponsor a Volunteer!

Since our founding, we've been dedicated to helping our willing volunteers get to where they are needed. With the economy in its current state, it's particularly difficult to not only take the time out of your life, but afford the travel, housing, and food expenses.

When you donate, you can specify that your donation go directly to helping our volunteers. That way, even if you can't make one of our work trips, you can still help in a very big way. As trips approach, we'll sometimes have bios of specific volunteers who need assistance. But rest assured, your donation will be used to help eager and willing volunteers do some good in the world.



We will have more details soon regarding other donation options, including direct bank deposits and merchandice options.


Mailing Address

Gamers for Humanity
15311 320th Ave
Keota, IA 52248

(please make checks payable to Gamers for Humanity)